Saturday, 25 February 2012

White Clay Miracle

Rare Earth Pore Cleasing Masque
I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with my skin, as it is very sensitive to harsh soaps, creams, makeup etc…This week’s must-have product has put the love back in our relationship.
Kiehl’s Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque does exactly what it claims to do on the jar, cleanses, purifies and detoxifies. The Amazonian White Clay leaves your face feeling fresh and reborn.
As recommend by the saleswomen, I use it once or twice week, after exfoliating my face in a hot shower using a face scrub.
All Kiehl’s products are derived from natural ingredients and the entire product line if formulated for sensitive skin.
The above link will lead you to Kiehl’s website where you can view their entire product line.


  1. I've always had really sensitive skin, especially my face and I'm always nervous trying new things. Sounds like I could trust Kiehl's. Where did you get the masque? Thanks for the post.

  2. Is this product for all kind of skin? I can't find any product appropriate for my skin. I have tried so many and then my husband (finance at that time) decided to bring me product from his country every time he comes over.