Sunday, 18 March 2012

Essential Cleansing Oil

This week’s must-have product is Aloette’s Essential Cleansing Oil make-up remover. I have been a loyal consumer of this product for years and it has never disappointed. The Essential Cleansing Oil has a great rose scent and melts the make-up off your face in seconds. So say goodbye to those raccoon eyes in the morning that are a result of left over make-up from the night before.

While looking up reviews for this product, to see what others thought of the oil I learned that the Essential Cleansing Oil also strengthens your lashes and helps them grow. Another loyal consumer of Aloette's products uses the oil to 
moisturize her dry hands in the winter.
This multi-purpose product retails around $20. To order this product go on Aloette's website and find a consultant near you.


  1. I always get dry hands during the winter, I may just have to try this product!

  2. My makeup always goes rampant-raccoony in the morning :P